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Christmas Baking Competition

This year is our first Christmas Baking Competition. There are two categories:

Category 1: Mince Pies

Category 2: Cake Decorating


One entry per category per person.

Entries will be blind judged by Lorraine Hinkins (co-owner and chef at 5* B&B Dolffanog Fawr, Tal-y-llyn) with entry admin by Abby McTomney of Tafarn Dwynant.

Entries must be taken to Tafarn Dwynant between 10am and 12 noon on Saturday 22 December. The results will be available when the pub opens at 3pm. Please be prepared for your entries to get eaten!

Category 1: Mince Pies

1. You must make your own pastry, but you can use bought or homemade mincemeat.

2. You must enter at least four mince pies and there must be nothing else on the plate (you are allowed items such as sprinkled sugar or icing sugar).

3. 75% of the marks go on the taste of the mince pie, 25% on presentation.

Category 2: Cake Decorating

1. The cake must be a sponge cake and there are no restrictions about size.

2. At least 50% of the decoration should be edible.

3. 25% of the marks are on the quality (ie taste and texture) of the sponge cake, 75% on the decoration.

This is a fun competition but there will be a small prize for each winner.